We are a global platform for collective financing.

We are a meeting place for people with common goals. We don't need banks or financial intermediaries.
We connect people seeking funding for a project with individuals who believe in that project. Our goal is to find benefits for both parties while at the same time contributing to the economic development of people and communities.

We work with campaigns worldwide and we are committed to each one of them. We are the only global platform that helps, supports, and assists in the launching and promotion of each project, which promotes the objectives of funding marked.

En IZ tienes acceso a proyectos enmarcados en dos tipologías: crowdsocial (donaciones solidarias) y crowdfunding (mecenazgo).


Anyone with a idea now has the opportunity to make it happen through this form of collective financing. Crowdfunding is the way to finance a project, especially in its initial stages, through financial contributions from many contributors. They receive in return a non-monetary reward related to the project.

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Surely at some point you've wanted to selflessly help those most in need but you weren't sure how. Now, there is a way that allows you to contribute in specific projects in an easy and direct way: the crowdsocial, which is nothing more than a way to finance not-for-profit projects through the donations of many collaborators who receive no compensation in return.

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